Welcome to

Rise to Shine Christian Preschool

Respect - Serve - Care - Prepare

Carefully Selected Teachers

Our multicultural team provides a multicultural environment where all children are welcomed


All our Kaiako facilitate tamariki learning and development through thoughtful and intentional pedagogy. They enable children to enjoy the benefits of multiple relationships.

Home Cooked Meals

Your child’s food is lovingly handmade in our centre kitchen using nutritious and seasonal wholefoods .


Our kitchen is always the hub of our preschool as we value the importance of food and nutrition. We recognise the impact of good food on growing minds and bodies

Inspired by a Love of Learning

Our teaching approach is based on core Christian values that encourage love, joy, peace, persistence, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-identity.


Our practice is based on the principles of Te Whāriki (The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum) and is inspired by Reggio Emilia settings.

About Us


Why choose Rise to Shine?

We are a Christian preschool inspired to respect, serve, care and prepare children of all cultures to thrive in their God-given strengths. We collaborate with mātua, whānau to instill in each tamiti the desire to learn. We strive to provide well resourced  designated learning areas in our indoor and outdoor spaces which are set up to enhance children’s interests and curiosity. We utilize the natural surroundings to inspire our tamariki to explore and learn to strengthen the  skills needed to develop the foundation for success in school and life. We believe in encouraging positive attitudes through experiences in physical, social, emotional, intellectual and cultural development for each tamiti.

The natural environment around the preschool is the third teacher for all our tamariki.

  • We are away from the busy streets
  • Surrounded by meadows
  • Fresh air and farm animals.
  • Veggi garden

Tamiti learning opportunities

  • Picture reading to increase their vocabulary,
  • Pencils, chalks, playdough, clay available all day to develop pre-writing skills and their hand muscles for writing
  • Maths through measurement, counting, shapes, and sizes.
  • Open-ended resources will  help develop language, social and emotional skills which are very important to build positive habits and learning experiences.

At Rise to Shine , your tamati will experience the joy of sharing, waiting humbly for their turn, and willingly cooperate with other tamariki.

  • Tamiti will learn to listen and develop a love for books.
  • Tamariki will be introduced and guided to self-expression through speaking, singing,  drawing,  and painting.
  • Experiences will encourage your child to think through science experiments, cooking, and other problem-solving situations.

You can expect growth and improvement in your child, but shown at their individual rate.

Our Rooms

Pathfinders Room Team
3 – 5 years old

Pathfinders team employs strategies such as exposing children to a wide variety of educational opportunities that encourage self-expression, communication, logical thinking, and problem-solving.

Kowhai Room Team
Infants & Toddlers

Kowhai team provides a warm, safe, and friendly environment where infants and toddlers learn through un hurried play. Our Infants and toddlers grow up in an environment where they are respected and valued where their choices are heard. The team believes in supporting children as they develop strong self-esteem to enable them to become competent and confident life long learners.

Our Features



Here at Rise to Shine our mealtimes feed the soul as much as they feed the body. Through the use of small, intimate and beautifully set tables with candles, flowers and a peaceful setting, your child is able to chat with their friends and their teachers as you and I would at home or in a restaurant.

Our on-site chef lovingly prepares your child healthy, tasty and nutritious meals, using the highest quality, freshest produce whilst keeping a careful eye on our use of additive-free foods to optimise nutrition. We understand that good nutrition is essential for growing children and helps to foster the development of healthy, informed, responsible and positive attitudes towards eating. So making the most of our surrounding farmland we have an edible garden for them to explore and help look after.

Transition to School

The move from preschool to primary school is a milestone in your child’s life and the transition is so much smoother when they are well prepared for this step.

When young children are learning in preschool education environments they’re gathering the skills, knowledge and dispositions to cope with the diverse challenges of life, including the more immediate challenge of starting school.

During early childhood at Rise to Shine the foundations for literacy and numeracy, decision making, perseverance, patience and creativity are developed through a range of play based learning experiences. Self-help and self-care skills are fostered within the children, along with the development of social competence leading up to the transition to school.